Intercert has defined and maintains a strict impartiality policy which is monitored through the independent Board of Directors. We ensure that confidentiality and Impartiality is maintained at all levels of our organization before, during and after the certification process is complete.

We provide an independent, impartial, professional and focused third party certification service where threats against integrity and potential conflicts of interest constantly arise. For this reason, we identify and risk-assess all relationships which may result in a conflict of interest or pose a threat to our impartiality. To ensure that all activities in the certification process are carried out in an independent and impartial manner, we monitor potential risks on a continual basis.

Further, as a safeguard for the reputation, independence and impartiality of Intercert, we also maintain an Impartiality Committee appointed for the express purpose of continually overseeing and evaluating all aspects of our business activity. The foundation of this Committee is to ensure that our operations are carried out responsibly, openly, independently and objectively, and that all applicant businesses as well as those with previous certification are treated alike.

The Committee comprises individuals representing key activities of Intercert, all of whom have many years experience in their respective areas of expertise and is chaired by an independent Member of the Board of Directors. This is a further guarantee that Intercert can continue to maintain its high standards and integrity.

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Privacy Policy


Intercert is a leading provider of certification services worldwide, helping organizations manage risk and deliver the products and services they and their customers need for long-term growth and prosperity

We act fairly and equitably in our dealings with people in every aspect of our operations and ensure that confidentiality and impartiality is maintained across our organization

Our branch, partner and agent offices provide market coverage that our clients know and trust

Intercert has an effective Integrated Management System (IMS) approach for our clients, some of whom are juggling three or four ISO certifications

Companies from the smallest to largest see the benefits from certification to ISO standards to meet market needs, satisfy customers or legislative requirements, price goods competitively and be profitable in order to be effective in business

If you aren’t happy with the service from your current certification body we will work closely with you to transfer your certification, keeping in mind the hard work your team has done and the valuable experience you already have

ISO 9001   Quality Management
Demonstrate your organization’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction

ISO 14001   Environmental Management
Companies determine issues and practices to maintain high levels of Environmental Management performance

ISO 27001   Information Security
Ensuring that companies have the controls to protect information assets, customer information and minimize cyber threats

ISO 45001   Occupational Health & Safety
Demonstrate your organization’s commitment to protect employees and visitors from workplace accidents and disease

ISO 22301   Business Continuity
Helps businesses prepare, respond to and recover from worst-case scenarios

QMS Global has developed a verification and certification program that businesses can utilize to display to their employees, stakeholders and customers that the organization has deployed the measures and protocols outlined by the US Department of Health & Human Services

QMS Global has always been committed to health and safety. We established a Business Continuity Plan in 2018 to address significant risks in order to protect our staff and clients as well as the public in business parks and buildings which house our offices.

Sources of information concerning sectors, industry and government research and collaboration

Addressing topics that companies find relevant to their management systems

On June 6, 2017 Intercert received the GlobalCert™ trademark for “Testing, analysis and evaluation to determine conformity with certification standards.