MVO 8000

MVO 8000:2010 – Corporate Responsibility Standards

What is MVO 8000?
The MVO standards for Ethics, Safety, Health and Environment, first published in 2007, were developed, copyrighted and trademarked by QMS Global, Inc. in the USA.

The MVO Standards are the building blocks for the development of a Corporate Responsibility System (CRS). They are the guidelines for businesses to control critical issues that are not clearly defined in management systems like the ISO 9000 series and other sector-specific standards.

Customer and employee welfare are issues that face every company and even the smallest organization must be prepared to show that its practices are ethical. The cornerstone by which the standards were developed is the requirement for companies to create and control ethics policies. They were developed within a framework that a company’s processes will become more efficient when the people who are working in the company do so in a physically and socially safe environment and that the company operates within an ethical structure.

A working environment where people feel safe and secure fosters a culture where talents of the employees are optimized. Today, more than ever, the image of a company is critical. Concerned parties like customers, social organizations, persons seeking employment, the community and most of all the shareholders, clearly benefit from the association with a responsibly managed company.

The structure of standards is compatible with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems as well as other international standards. The MVO standards can easily be integrated and become a part a company’s overall integrated management system.

Benefits of MVO 8000 Certification

  • Increasing numbers of National Governments are legislating that companies comply with various regulations that the MVO standards cover. Supervision of these pieces of legislation will become more vigorous; national and international laws, as well as treaties, resolutions, directives and licenses are and will be addressing these issues
  • The MVO-standards were developed and based on international legislation, guidelines and rules and therefore suitable for use as building blocks for the development and implementation of a Corporate Responsibility System in companies worldwide
  • Because there are clear interactions between MVO elements in a company, the basics of each standard are the same. Specific elements create the opportunity for a company to choose one or more specific standards applicable for that organization. The MVO 8001 standard for Corporate Ethics is the standard that will have the most impact in a corporate culture. MVO 8000 is a combination of all the four standards
  • An ethical and positive corporate culture is of utmost importance for the implementation of a Corporate Responsibility System. By implementing an ethics program using the guidelines of MVO 8001 a CRS can be developed and become the cornerstone for controlling the other factors like Safety, Health and Environment

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