Fast Track Registration

Everything You Need To Get Your Company Certified to ISO 9001

The Fast Track Program has everything you need for registration including Internal auditor training, management and employee training, documentation development, registrar assistance, and more.

Sixty Days to Certification
Fast Track is a comprehensive, yet amazingly simple and affordable ISO 9001:2008 certification package. With the Fast Track Program, our clients achieve registration in sixty days or less depending on their commitment to the certification process.

Here is how it works:

IMS starts with a straightforward, easy to understand interview. This gathers all the required information to create customized documentation personalized to your organization.

Once developed, your documents will be reviewed for accuracy by one of our senior consultant/trainers, and reviewed with your staff within 3 business days. If there are any questions a staff member will contact you prior to completing the process. This insures that your documents are 100% accurate, complete and in full compliance with the policy manual and procedures requirements ISO 9001:2008.

The only thing left is to implement the procedures required by the Standard and other requirements of ISO 9001. Included with Fast Track is on site training on how to implement these procedures. The training is done using simple language so the program is easy to follow and implement.

As soon as you have several weeks of implementing the procedures underway you can schedule your initial certification audit by a registered lead auditor from Intercert. It is that easy.

This is the simplest, most comprehensive system available today. No other comprehensive implementation package can compare!

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