Gap Analysis and Pre-Assesment

Are You Producing at Your Potential?

IMS provides gap analysis services at the start of an implementation or improvement project. It is structured for clients who are at the early or planning stages of their process/business improvement or management system efforts for ISO certification.

Our experienced staff will conduct a gap analysis and identify missing areas or those that are problematic. If there is no system of internal audits, no formal corrective action ability, or the document control system is not correct, these would be discovered and reported as a result of the analysis.

At the end of the analysis all information gathered from observations will be used to write a comprehensive report telling you where your organization complies and where it does not.

The IMS gap analysis includes:

  • A formal open meeting
  • A full evaluation of the quality system
  • Identification of the gaps in the system
  • A formal closing meeting along with a written report that points out any places were your system needs strengthening or is non-compliant

Whether you are seeking registration or transitioning to a new Quality/Business Management System, IMS can assess your needs and provide the assistance required for implementing or improving your processes or management system. The end result is a low cost, positive first step for your business.

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